Vrishavahana Shiva

Vrishavahana Shiva

What can be ultimate aim of a staunched devotee of Lord Shiva? Getting freed from shackles of life and surrender to His feet whose grace and glory alone will relieve anyone from the cyclic birth and death and grant salvation.

Vrishavahana Shiva is the manifestation of Lord Shiva who grants such a great boon to His devotees. Lord Shiva sitting on his vehicle, the Bull with his consort Goddess Parvati is the most revered form, known as Vrishavahana Shiva. It is considered to be very auspicious to worship Him in this form.

This panchaloha idol of Vrishavahana Shiva is from the above concept, except for His consort and the bull. His right hand is assumed to rest on the back of His bull. Both the bull and Goddess Parvati are missing in this idol and only Lord Shiva is focused. His lower garment is fastened with a broad belt and he is in a sublime posture like a flowing curve. Look at his graceful eyes mercifully blessing His devotees with an inward joy. His matted locks are arranged like a turban above his head. The minute details are crafted in this idol like his ornaments and the design on his lower garment, anklets and especially the relief on which He stands.

Altogether, a graceful, intricately designed idol is indeed a treasure to bring to the home or office is synonymous to bringing happiness and prosperity.

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