Krishna Devotee

Krishna Devotee

Lord Krishna, who plays an inevitable role in the spiritual arena of people following Hinduism across the globe, is believed to respond to each one of His devotees.

Most of the preaching of Lord Krishna to His devotees is found in the Holy Book of Hinduism, the Bagavath Gita, describing incidents before, during and after Gurukshetra War. The epic event of Great Hindu epic Mahabharata, acclaimed as the fifth Veda in Hinduism. Lord Krishna delivers His duties as the chauffer for Arjuna, one of the Pandavas in war field. Whenever Arjuna got depressed, was reluctant to make decisions, got scared about the future, was uncertain about the past and present, Lord Krishna consoles and directs Him towards a striking victory. The conversations between Lord Krishna and Arjuna are composed as Baghavat Gita and in that Lord Krishna describes about concept of total surrendering to God.

Devotees of Lord Krishna are usually worshipping Him in a mode of celebration. There are no hard and fast rules to worship Him. He is a God to be cheered with, celebrated and glorified with hymns and dances. You can find lot of gatherings called Satsangh, where huge number of devotees express their devotion to Lord Krishna by dancing to the rhythm of bhajans, the most popular way to adore Lord Krishna. Most of the times, the devotees are found to be in a trance state while worshipping him and the epitome of all is they forget themselves chanting His name and hymns.

Here is one such devotee who has lost himself in his Bakthi or devotion towards Lord Krishna, forgetting all the materialistic pleasures, leading a simple life with an ultimate aim of becoming united with the God.

An artifact made using Lost Wax Tradition technique, symbolizing the utmost dedication and devotion of an ardent follower of Lord Krishna. Marvel his style of dancing, his attires and the intricate work on the relief, everything uniquely crafted.

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