Goddess Meenakshi – Avatar of Goddess Parvati

The epicenter of Madurai, world’s one of the very few cities with longest surviving civilization is Goddess Meenakshi. The temple around which the entire Madurai City is built in concentric squares, an unique way of describing about Madurai.

Meenakshi Amman Temple is the identity of Madurai City and you can come across most of the females named after the Goddess. Meenakshi Amman is the presiding deity in the temple and historically, this is the place where She got married to Lord Shiva.

The Panchaloha statue of Meenakshi Amman is an awe inspiring one. A closer look at the statue will infer the innate works and minute detailing from tip to toe. The peculiar hairstyle called Meenakshi Kondai, parrot on her left hand and her right hand is pointing to Her feet, guiding Her devotees to surrender to Her.

The finely made jewels adorning Goddess Meenakshi and Her Saree give everyone a feel that as if She stands in front of us. The floral bas relief on which Goddess Meenakshi stands is created with fine designs of Lotus Petals, is an unique creation using Lost Wax Technology practiced since the period of Chola Dynasty.

Goddess Meenakshi is the family deity for most of the people in villages around Madurai. She is adored and worshipped during Chithirai Festival, world’s one of the longest religious celebrations lasting for one month in April every year, witnessing lakhs of devotees and tourists.

Ganesha in the Lost Wax Tradition:

With the innate techniques of Lost Wax Tradition, an ancient technology practiced since the ages of Early Cholas, the Panchalokha Statue of Lord Ganesh is made.

Lord Ganesha brings in prosperity, health, wealth, happiness and finally the most required liberation to everyone worshipping him with real Bakthi, i.e, Ultimate Devotion.