Lord Ganesha

Lord Ganesha – Form for Formless Divinity

Lord Ganesha is the Supreme power who brings order in this universe, as believed in Hindu Mythology. Lord Ganesha is worshipped to be an eternal force who is beyond thoughts and expressions. An auspicious form of Lord Gaesha is to be invoked at the beginning of any pooja or any other event which signifies a customary ritual assuring a smooth conduct of the entire event. Lord Ganesha with his elephant head and the belly sitting on a mini-mouse attracts everyone and there is a strong belief almost in every devotee that worshipping Lord Ganesha brings in Luck, Prosperity and Happiness.

Legends behind worshipping Lord Ganesha:

The interesting legend about why Lord Ganesha is seen with an elephant head is very popular in Hinduism, taken from Shiva Purana. He is worshipped as the Elder son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. One old legend says that While Lord Ganesha was guarding His mother’s chambers, he did not allow Even Lord Shiva to enter as per His mother’s instructions. Lord Shiva got irritated and beheaded the small boy. After knowing the fact, Lord Shiva searched for the head and he fixed the head of an elephant with the boy’s body to make it to a form which we worship today. Lord Shiva also granted a boon that Ganesha will be worshipped first in all the events.

Another legend is much more interesting. There was a tough race between Lord Ganesha and His younger brother Lord Muruga and the winner would be the one who will get the divine mango fruit brought by Sage Narada. There was a condition put forth by Sage Narada is that one who completes going around the world taking less time can have the fruit. Lord Muruga started his trip around the world in his peacock. But Lord Ganesha was adjudged the winner as he went around his parents and worshipped them stating that parents are his world. There is a strong belief connected to this legend that worshipping Ganesha before starting any work will surely bring victory.

Iconography of Lord Ganesha:

The idol here shows one of the beautiful forms of Lord Ganesha. You can see him sitting on the lotus petals. He is believed to maintain perfect balance between force and kindness & power and beauty. The bodily attributes of Lord Ganesha can be explained in many different ways.

The Legs represent the ability to live in this world without being in this world.

Pot Belly conveys the meaning to His devotees He takes in all the sorrows existing in this Universe and thrives to protect those praying to Him. The Ears which are wide enough symbolizes the act of listening. While listening the knowledge improves.

The Ears which are wide enough symbolizes the act of listening. While listening the knowledge improves.

The Elephant Head, which attracts everyone to look at Him once more, symbolizes the utmost intelligence and power to discriminate between good and bad.

The curved trunk conveys the knowledge to His devotees to discriminate between good and evil, fake and real, truth and lie and lot more.

The tusk with broken half is actually believed to have been used while writing Mahabaharatha, one of the greatest Indian Epics. This symbolizes His perseverance in completing a task till it gets succeeded.

Ganesha is seen with four hands. Don’t miss to see the trunk turned to the right side. It is a very special type of Lord Ganesha, also called as Lord Ganapati, worshipping Him will relieve His devotees from the continuous cycles of birth and death, a sort of liberation. Traditionally, the right turned trunk represents the power of Pingala Nadi. Also notice the pot of nectar in the trunk which symbolizes eternal bliss and happiness one attains in his last moments. Those who really want to get liberation from this infinite worlds of birth and death, shall worship this Lord Ganesha with His trunk turned to His right side. Another hand holds Laddu, the sweet He likes the most. The two other hands have weapons to protect His devotees and He is ready to use those weapons to destroy evils.

Lost Wax Tradition:

With the innate techniques of Lost Wax Tradition, an ancient technology practiced since the ages of Early Cholas, the Panchalokha Statue of Lord Ganesh is made.

Lord Ganesha brings in prosperity, health, wealth, happiness and finally the most required liberation to everyone worshipping him with real Bakthi, i.e, Ultimate Devotion.

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