Dancing Ganesha

Lord Ganesha – Elatedly Dancing

Lord Ganesha, the deity prominently worshipped for eradicating all obstacles in one’s life comes to your house in an elatedly dancing posture, which is very rare one to see.

Lord Ganesh, believed to be the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati is with an unique appearance of an elephant head and human body. The broken tusk is from the legend that Lord Ganesha wrote the Epic Mahabharatha with broken part of his tusk when the verses were dictated by Saint Vyas.

This Panchaloha statue is so unique that unlike the traditional statues of Lord Ganesha, here he is dancing hilariously carrying a mango in his right hand and a bunch of bananas with his left hand. He has rested all his weight on a bas relief with one leg on the air.

The innately carved belt around his belly is very different. The little mouse usually found with Lord Ganesha is missing here. The legend behind this statue must be the incident happened when Saint Narada wanted to give a mango to either of the boys Lord Ganesha and his sibling Lord Muruga to the one going around the world in shorter time. Unlike his younger one who flew away immediately, Lord Ganesha circumambulated his parents saying they are everything for him and danced after winning the mango.

The innate features of the statue are so minutely carved which includes the folding of Lord Ganesha’s dhothi, shape and features of every banana in the bunch & the charm and grace of dancing posture.

Lord Ganesh, who is mostly seen in meditating posture, symbolizing the deep dedication and attention to the tasks is found to dance with an overjoy of being victorious in something, may be a contest. The ultimate joy seen in his statue gives everyone a moment to reflect the happiness. Bringing this dancing Ganesha to our home or office brings in bounty of happiness and prosperity!

Ganesha in the Lost Wax Tradition:

With the innate techniques of Lost Wax Tradition, an ancient technology practiced since the ages of Early Cholas, the Panchalokha Statue of Lord Ganesh is made.

Lord Ganesha brings in prosperity, health, wealth, happiness and finally the most required liberation to everyone worshipping him with real Bakthi, i.e, Ultimate Devotion.