Kalinga(Kaliya) Narthana

Kalinga(Kaliya) Narthana – Divine Grace of Little Krishna

An enlightening dance of Lord Krishna as a young five years old boy on the hoods of Serpent Kalinga(Kaliya) has taken its beautiful form in this Panchaloka statue made using Lost Wax Technique, the only idol whose replica you can never see in any part of the world.

Serpent Kalinga(Kaliya) was poisoning the river Yamuna and disturbing the local residents approaching the mighty River. After knowing about this Lord Krishna, who was a very small boy wanted to teach Kalinga(Kaliya) a lesson and prevent Yamuna from getting spoiled further. Despite the warnings from elders, Krishna started to dance on the serpen’s hoods with his entire weight on the hood, holding its tail for balance. You can visualize the historic event even today, looking at this wonderful statue, symbolizing Lord Krishna eradicating evil and granting boons to those surrendered to His feet.

Hidden meaning of Kalinga(Kaliya)(Kaliya) is very deep in the spiritual arena. The nefarious activities of anyone will be directly intervened by Krishna and He tries to cut ego and take His devotees out of danger.

Look at the sharp features in this statue. Lord Krishna dances with his Peethambaram(silk clothing) swaying in air, with one leg strongly on hoods and another in a dancing posture. At last, Kalinga(Kaliya) surrenders with folded hands and Krishna blesses him with his right palm, all intricately carved with an innate craftsmanship.