Lord Krishna – Fills your Heart with Music of Love

The ideal of Divine Love in Hindu Mythology is Lord Krishna playing the Music of Love with a flute in his hands. Adorning of Lord Krishna is never complete without a flute and peacock feathers.

The flute symbolizes the hollow space filled with his divinity, to say precisely, if human beings keep their Mind empty without any grudges or any other feelings, Lord Krishna fills it with his presence in the form of music. Similarly peacock feather symbolizes knowledge a human should possess in order to attain divinity. Both divinity and love live are inseparable for humans to attain salvation. Hindu epics celebrate the little Krishna for His beauty, divine grace and benevolence. There are thousands of hymns glorifying Him and His childhood.

The Panchaloha statue of Lord Krishna made using the traditional Lost Wax Technology is an interesting piece of art with a unique design. The beauty of Lord Krishna steals everyone’e heart, especially the posture where He holds the flute with His legs in peculiar position. The intricately designed crown, jewels adorning His body and detailed works on his clothing add charm to Him. Even the relief of floral petals on which He stands is so creative and don’t forget to look at his anklets, designed gorgeously.

Lord Krishna, synonymous to celebrating every moment of life, is worshipped in almost all Hindu families. His birthday is very pompously celebrated as Janmashtami, and lot of Pujas and Rituals take place at homes and temples across India.

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