Lord Buddha

Lord Buddha

Buddha statues are believed to be the representations of the teachings and travels of Lord Gowthama Buddha who founded the greatly followed religion Buddhism with its geographic origin at India.

Born as a prince in the aristocratic family of Shakya clan, Siddhartha Gauthama led a luxurious life in Lumbini, which has become one of the holiest places on Earth. When he went around and witnessed the difficulties faced by the common man due to aging, poverty and illness, he left his home leaving behind his newly wedded wife and a little son. Having roamed around in search of the truth and wisdom, Siddhartha Gauthama attained enlightenment while on meditation under the Mahabodhi tree, where he got to know about the traps which keeps people in the cycles of birth and death. He started preaching ways to get out of traps and attain salvation. Then onwards he was revered as Lord Gauthama Buddha.

Historians record that the Buddha Iconography dates back to the period between 1st and 2nd century AD. When the religion started to spread beyond India, in Thailand, Malaysia and Taos, various representations evolved for every type of Buddha statue.

The piece of art here is the standing Buddha, indicative of being stationary with both feet firmly on the ground. It is inferred that after reaching enlightenment or nirvana, he rises to preach the Four Noble Truths. The mudra shown by his right hand is called Vikarta mudra, hand kept at chest level, and the left hand is held at hip level with the thumb and index fingers forming a circle. This mudra symbolizes discussions and transmissions of His teachings.

Lord Buddha, who led the truly ascetic life is crafted using Lost Wax Tradition, bringing you the inner peace, always!

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