Lord Muruga

Lord Muruga – Exuding Boyish Charm

One of the most beautiful Gods in Hinduism is Lord Muruga, who looks with a boyish charming face unlike his chubby brother Lord Ganesha. Lord Muruga is known by many other names like Subramanyan, Shanmughan,Karthikeyan, Swaminathan, Skandan, Dandayuthapani, Kathirvelan and lot more. The Six Abodes called Arupadai Veedu of Lord Muruga are quite popular among devotees of Hinduism. Palani, Tiruchendur, Tirupparankundram, Pazhamudhirsolai, Swamimalai and Tiruttani are the prominent spiritual destinations where temples Lord Muruga are flocked by devotees round the year and the number surges drastically high during festival times like Soora Samharam, Kandha Sashti, Kumara Purnima.

Iconography of Lord Muruga:

The beautiful statue of Lord Muruga made using the technique of Lost Wax exhibits the following features.

Face: The sparkling beauty in Lord Muruga’s face resembles a full moon’s radiance. Looking with a charming boyish face,Lord Muruga attracts everyone and every devotee owns Him as his own family member. Still, the serious face behind the childish look conveys his knowledge and command.

Lance: Worshipping the lance sincerely will relieve anyone from the cycles of birth and death and attain salvation. The long shaft of the spear is symbolized as the time taken by a person to become a spiritually knowledgeable person. The broader portion of the spear represents the various things to learn to have the wisdom or Gnana and finally the pointed tip is known to represent the ability to analyze and synthesize what has been learnt.

Peacock is the wisdom one has to attain to become immortal and the snake represents the ego which is to be under control to incline towards spirituality.

Lord Muruga, the most prominent God in Tamil families can be found decorating houses, shops and offices. Worshipping Him is a practice found even in diasporic Tamil societies settled in Malaysia and Singapore. For the annual Thaipoosam festival, it is recorded that more than 2 million people visit the popular Murugan temple in Batu caves.

Ganesha in the Lost Wax Tradition:

With the innate techniques of Lost Wax Tradition, an ancient technology practiced since the ages of Early Cholas, the Panchalokha Statue of Lord Ganesh is made.

Lord Ganesha brings in prosperity, health, wealth, happiness and finally the most required liberation to everyone worshipping him with real Bakthi, i.e, Ultimate Devotion.