Shakthi Ganapathy

Shakthi Ganapathy

Manifestation of Lord Ganesha with His consort on His left lap is called as Shakthi Ganapathy or Shakthi Vinayaga. Historians record that this form of Lord Ganesha exists from sixth century onwards. Out of the six cults in Hinduism, Ganapatya Cult which had the practice of worshipping Lord Ganesha as the primary deity is said to have followed this form of Lord Ganesha together with His wife. Some of the variants of this form is referred to as Saradatilaka Tantram.

Shakthi Ganapathy is revered as the fifth form of the 32 different forms of Lord Ganesha as mentioned in Puranas and Kavyas. Hinduism refers to this form of Lord Ganesha as a representation of Akash, the primordial element.

Unlike the usual forms of Lord Ganesha as a single person, this statue symbolizes the love and affection between Lord Ganesha and His consort Shakthi. It can also be interpreted that, by worshipping Lord Ganeha, He will bestow us the best of powers to achieve our aims in life.

The statue made using Lost Wax Tradition, exhibits the beauty of Lord Ganesha holding his consort on his left lap. The panchaloha idol is seen with all regular features due for Lord Ganesha, the broken tooth, nector pot in the trunk, snake as a belt around his belly, big ears and the crown. In addition, we can see Him carrying a Shivalinga on his lower right arm, and his left arm holds Shakthi with much passion and delight. Shakthi is seen to enjoy her position with an inward happiness closing her eyes, carrying a lotus in her right arm. Her costumes and ornaments are gorgeously designed and her left arm points to her feet, a note to Her devotees to surrender and get the blessings of the couple for a prosperous life ahead.

A rarely seen manifestation of Lord Ganesha brings health, happiness and prosperity to your home or office, the most enjoyable form of Lord Ganesha, Shakthi Ganapathy from Cholan Arts.

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