Vishnu Narayanan

Vishnu Narayanan

One of the Gods revered as Holy Trinity, Lord Vishnu is the most important deity for the people in Vaishnavism sect of Hinduism. Lord Vishnu is the protector of the universe and puranas say, whenever required, he manifests to save the cosmic harmony and eradicate the evils.

Lord Vishnu is one of the very few Gods portrayed in different forms depending on specific cultures predominantly found in India, Cambodia, Javanese and other places. On many of the occasions, He is depicted to fly on Garuda, a half-man & half-bird creature and some other times he is found sleeping on Adisesha, the giant snake.

Legends say, Lord Vishnu keeps his Sudharshana Chakra or the discus always in the READY mode t throw on to the evils once the prayers of devotees fall into His ears. Sudharshana Chakra is related to His closeness to Sun God and the thousand spokes in the chakra symbolizes the wheel of time. . Conch shell symbolizes the creation.

The Panchaloha idol of Lord Vishnu Narayan is one of the epic pieces from Cholan Arts crafted using the Lost Wax Tradition. Lord Vishnu in standing posture, carrying his usual conch and chakra and additionally a Gada (Gadhai) carried in a very relaxed pace. The crown, attire, ornaments, especially the intricate designs in his lower garments, bas relief on which he stands are all innately crafted by the seasoned artisans. His lower right hand blesses His devotees surrendering to him and at the same time ensures them about their protection from evils with his weapons.

Lord Vishnu Narayan, symbol of freedom, flexibility, peace and happiness, wherever He is !

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